It is the smiles of the destitute after they receive a sack of rice for the family, the clean view of a street of my country after it gets cleaned, the ascend of inspiration of aspiring girls deprived of a platform after receiving one, and the beauty of glimmering hopeful eyes after a small effort we make for them that inspires Maina Devi Foundation. The inception of the Maina Devi Foundation began with the “Clean Kasthamandap Campaign” with the participation of more than 1,50,000 volunteers. MDF has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping people in need, to our effort in bringing environmental cleanliness, and to enhancing lives through small opportunities. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has walked the journey with us, who has been connected to us in any way, and who has been a source of support to us. Looking ahead, Maina Devi Foundation shall continue to fulfill the commitments we have made and the efforts shall never stop. Volunteers, supporters, and well-wishers are who we rely on to function within the community. We hope to receive the same support from our beloved supporters in the future too. 


KP Khanal